"FAITH” is for God’s People

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Beloved, this study is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ONE FOR GOD’S PEOPLE, thus you must read it several times and give careful consideration to what it says. Now let me encourage you to ask GOD to give you the “GRACE” to understand what this study says. By the way, GRACE IS GOD’S UNMERITED FAVOR… therefore PRAY to GOD and ask God for the “GRACE” to believe in Him and embrace
what God’s Word says. Remember, the “Ten Issues” in this particular study are: Faith, page 1… Believing, page 3… Active Faith, page 4…
Salvation, page 5… Good Works, p. 6… Satan & Holy Spirit, page 8… God’s Church, p.10… Sin & Forgiveness, page 11… God’s Discipline for older people, page 13… and Our Lord & Savior, page 14. Beloved, now take the time and read these ten studies several times, because they are GOD’S WORD! Keep in mind, it is important to remember that “GOD CALLS ALL OF HIS PEOPLE TO WORK & SERVE GOD AND GLORIFY GOD!” Said JESUS’ brother JAMES: “Faith without WORKS is useless and DEAD!” (James 2:17, 20, 26). Said JESUS’ friend JOHN, “Let us LOVE one another, for love is from God, and every-one who loves is born of God and knows God” (1 John 4:7). Remember, those who do not LOVE do not know God!” (1 Jn 4:8). Beloved, remem-ber, LIVING FAITH PRODUCES “GOOD WORKS IN LIFE!” (cf. John 6:28; 17:4; 1 Cor 3:14; 15:58; Col 1:10; 3:23; Eph 2:10; 4:11-12; 1 Thes 1:3; Rom 12:2).


Now regarding the issue of “FAITH,” remember “FAITH IN GOD” is right belief about God… knowing God… believing God… and obeying God, because God is the author of “SAVING FAITH!” (Eph 2:8; Acts 15:11; Rom 3:28). Keep in mind, FAITH IS TRUSTING IN GOD and BELIEVING HIS WORD and maintaining a firm conviction that GOD’S WORD is RELIABLE! (Ps 119:89, 91). Said JOSHUA in the Old Testament, “Fear the Lord & Serve Him in sincerity & truth” (Josh 24:14). Says Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament: “Fear God and keep His com-mandments!” (Ecc 12:13). Remember, the “HOLY SPIRIT” gives God’s People “FAITH” and enables them to BELIEVE WHAT GOD’S WORD SAYS… yet most Believers do not fully STUDY what God’s Word says.
Said the Apostle Paul, “Through the “GRACE” given to me, I say to every man not to think more highly of himself than he ought to think, but to have Sound Judgment regarding what GOD has allotted to us” (Rom 12:3). Said Paul in Ephesians: “By GRACE you have been saved through “FAITH,” it is a gift of God, not of works, that anyone should boast!” (Eph 2:8-9). Remember, when Christians “TRUST IN GOD” they can live a life of freedom from sin to a degree, and glorify God in life. Remember, “God’s People have a GIFT OF FAITH from GOD!” (Rom 12:3). Now since God puts FAITH in the hearts of His people, we must submit to GOD’S WILL IN LIFE.” Remember what Jesus’ brother JAMES said, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives GRACE to the HUMBLE” (James 4:6); remember, since we were saved by “GRACE” (i.e., “Unmerited Favor!”), we did not merit GRACE, because it is a “GIFT OF GOD!” Now regarding “SALVATION,” it is achieved by FAITH IN CHRIST, which comes from hearing the word of Christ (Rom 10:17). Keep in mind, “FAITH” is Believing God… Trusting God… Obeying God … Serving God… Working for God…Praying to God… and Ministering to numerous people in life! Remember, we must let GOD’S WILL RULE IN OUR HEARTS & MINDS. Now if you do not embrace what GOD says, you are not one of God’s people! Remember, “FAITH” is believing in GOD & HIS WILL & TRUSTING IN GOD! Now remember, RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE LIVE BY “FAITH” (Rom 1:17; Gal 3:11; Heb 10:38), which involves GOOD WORKS! (John 6:28; 17:4; 1 Cor 3:14; 15:58; Eph 4:12; Col 3:23). Said Jesus brother JAMES, “FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS “DEAD!” (James 2:26)… thus we must embrace GOD’S WORD in Life (1 Pet 1:22). Remember, we were created in Christ Jesus for “GOOD WORKS!” (Eph 2:10). Said Paul, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what God’s will is” (Rom 12:2). Now regarding GOD’S WORK, you must PRAY to GOD numerous times & seek His will. Remember, God gives GRACE to the HUMBLE, not to the PROUD” (1 Pet 5:5); thus as God’s people we must “DO GOD’S WILL IN LIFE… NOT OUR OWN WILL!” (Acts 5:29; Heb 11:6; 1 Peter 1:2). Now when people don’t live for GOD, they are NOT GOD’S PEOPLE!!!

The Significance of “BELIEVING IN GOD”

Beloved, remember, God constantly guides His people in life and when we follow His guidance, He has us accomplish His Will in life; thus it is important that we frequently PRAY TO GOD IN LIFE and SEEK GOD’S WILL. Remember, by “GRACE” we have been saved through FAITH & GRACE is the work of the Holy Spirit, WHICH IS GOD’S UNDESERVED FAVOR (Eph 2:5, 8; Jam 4:6; 1 Pet 5:5). Remember, GOD IS MERCIFUL TO US, which is a form of LOVE that expresses God’s good-ness to us as sinful people; thus MERCY includes Pity, Compassion, and Forgiveness (Jam 5:11; 1 Pet 2:10). Remember, as God’s people we must now constantly PRAY TO GOD & SEEK HIS WILL IN LIFE. Now when we are not fully committed to God’s will in life, we will not experience it in our hearts and minds. Remember what Heb 11:1, 6 says, “FAITH is the assurance of things hoped for, and the conviction of things not seen; thus he who comes to God must believe that He is a REWARDER of those who Seek Him!” Remember, I often ask God to FORGIVE ME & WASH ME & CLEANES ME OF MY SINS! Because, the Blood of Jesus cleanses us from all our sins when we confess our sins to God! and live to the Praise of God’s Glory! (1 Jn 1:7, 9; Ps 51:2, 7). Furthermore, “FAITH” trusts in GOD… believes in God… lives by faith… rests on God’s promises, and THANKS GOD FOR HIS GRACE, which literally means “unmerited favor!” Remember FAITH IS LOVING GOD… SERVING GOD… and DEPENDING ON GOD… because God is the author of Saving Faith!” (Gal 5:6; Eph 2:8; Phil 1: 29). Remember, faith in CHRIST is the only way to have a right relationship with GOD. Now since God’s People have very small minds, we don’t fully understand what GOD’S WORD says…remember, GOD is BILLIONS of times bigger than we are as human beings and far bigger than the entire Universe! Remember, God is not only our Savior & Lord, He is the one who chose us to be His People! Thus He ministers to us by the “HOLY SPIRIT” who lives within us. Now since our SINFUL FLESH dwells in us, we must walk in the SPIRIT that He might accomplish His will (Gal 5:16-17). Thus we must PRAY and seek God’s Will that we might walk with Him.

How “FAITH” is Active in Believer’s Lives

Remember, “FAITH is the essence of things HOPED FOR & things NOT SEEN!” (Heb 11:1). As such FAITH is trusting in “GOD” and His promises… and serving God…and doing God’s Will in life; remember, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD and not acceptable to God!” (James 2:20, 26). Thus believers must abide in God’s Word & do what God says! (Rom 1:17; Gal 3:11; Heb 10:38). Remember, faith is Knowing, Believing, and Obeying the truth (2 Thes 2:13; Titus 1:1; 1 Peter 1:22), because GOD is the author of “SAVING FAITH” (Eph 2:8; Phil 1:29). “Now since God is faith-ful to what He promises, we must believe God & place our trust in Him for our lives!” Thus as believers, WE MUST STUDY GOD’S WORD and believe what His Word says that we might abide in Christ (I John 3:2; 5:18-20; 2 Cor 4:6; John 6: 44-45; 1 Jn 2:20, 27); remember, GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT is never removed from our lives that He might teach us all things & that we might go and bear fruit in life!” (John 14:15-17, 26; Jn 15:16). Remember, GOD is ultimately going to take us into “HEAVEN” to be His people for ALL ETERNITY! Thus God said to His people, “I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU; NEVER!” (Heb 13:5). Now with that in mind, faith involves Believing, Trusting and Obeying God! (Phil 1:27; Jude 1:3; 1:20-21); thus GOD calls us to believe in Him … and obey God… and live for Him… and share our faith with other people! Now since no believer fully understands everything in life… Negatives often rule in our lives due to the fact “WE WERE BORN IN SATAN’S WORLD!” (i.e., the DEVIL’S WORLD), and it was not until we placed our “FAITH in CHRIST” that we began to embrace “GOD’S WILL.” Now since “SIN” frequently rules in our lives, we must embrace “GOD’S WILL IN LIFE,” because if we do not embrace God’s Will, “SIN” will rule in our lives! Now since God never removed “OUR SINFUL FLESH” from our lives when we became His people, “SIN” still exists in our lives in spite of the fact it is not as bad as it is in “UNBELIEVER’S LIVES!” Now since I have experienced a lot of NEGATIVES & SIN IN LIFE, righteous living often times does not rule in my life, because of my “SINFUL FLESH!” Keep in mind, GOD will not remove our FLESH from our lives until we enter into HEAVEN! Now like all of GOD’S PEOPLE “I HATE MY FLESH!” because it often rules in my life, just like it does in everyone else’s life. Now since “SIN” has a selfcentered presence in our lives, no human being always lives for GOD! Now regarding the issue of “SIN,” it is selfcenteredness and disobedience to GOD. Now take the time & read what PAUL said in God’s Word (Rom 7:14-25; Gal 5:17-21). Keep in mind, the world we live in is “THE DEVIL’S WORLD,” and at the end of the age GOD is going to completely DESTROY THE WORLD! (2 Pet 3: 1O; Rev 20:1-2; 20:7-15; 21:1). Now since we as Believers live in the world for “GOD,” we must do all we can to “EMBRACE GOD’S WILL IN LIFE!” in spite of the fact that our “Sinful Flesh” still dwells in us! Now take the time and read what the Apostle Paul said in Romans 7:14-25.

Now Regarding this Thing Called “SALVATION”

Let me begin by quoting what R. C. Sproul said in his book “The Truths of the Christian Faith,”—“SALVATIOIN literally means to be rescued from some CALAMITY, and redeemed from SIN… thus salvation is a reconciliation to God.” Remember, SALVATION is accomplished by “CHRIST” who delivers us from the wrath to come (1 Thess 1:10). Now the Bible teaches that there was a day in ancient history when GOD poured out HIS WRATH AGGAINST THE WICKED! (cf. Jeremiah 42:18; Lamentations 2:4-5; 4:11). Remember, “Salvation is the work of the “LORD” who saves us from His wrath!” Now though God chose to save millions of people, He did not choose to embrace all people…thus He is going to place millions of sinful people in the LAKE OF FIRE (Rev 19:20; 20:15). Remember, no fallen human being would ever choose to be with GOD, because God’s people are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for GOOD WORKS which God prepared before hand, that we should walk in them!” (Eph 2:10). “Now in reference to your former life, lay aside your old self and put on your new self which has been created by GOD” (Eph 4:22-24). Said JESUS, if you are not embracing “GOOD WORKS,” you are NOT one of God’s people; remember, those whom GOD CHOSE will respond to God’s Word in “FAITH!” Remember, God leaves His people in their SINS until He places them in HEAVEN! Said Jesus to His 12 Disciples in the Gospel of John: “Beloved, you did not choose Me, but I chose you & appointed you to go and bear fruit, and whatever you ask in My Name, God will give it to you” (John 15:16). Said JESUS to His people, “Did I not choose the twelve of you and let one of you (Judas) betray Me because he is a DEVIL?” (cf. John 6:68-71). Said JESUS to His disciples, “Since one of you will betray Me, I shall dip the Morsel (Bread) and give it to Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot… and after I give it to him “SATAN” will enter into him” (John 13:2, 21, 26, 27); and after that Jesus said to His people that they must love one another” (John 13:34).

The Significance of “FAITH,” the “GOSPEL,” and “GOD’S GOOD WORKS” for us.

Remember, the “GOSPEL” is the “Message” of God’s Redemption through JESUS CHRIST, and HIS SALVATION and HIS FORGIVE-NESS to people who believe in Him (Math 20:28; 26:28; Mark 10:45). Remem-ber, God’s atonement for our sins took place in “JESUS CHRIST’S DEATH ON THE CROSS FOR US.” Said JESUS, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross & follow Me. Remember, those who lose their lives for My sake shall save it; there-fore you must take up your cross & follow Me” (Mark 8:34-35). Remem-ber, God’s Word is very important for God’s People, because they must live a life of SELF-DENIAL and not simply live their own life, because those who do that will lose it (Mark 8:35). Keep in mind, the greatest use of life is to SERVE CHRIST! (Mt 10:39). Remember, for believers to be SELF-CENTERED is SIN, and being GOD-CENTERED is HOLY. Now since “SIN” rules in every person’s life, due to the fact we all possess “SINFUL FLESH,” God is not going to remove our Flesh from our lives until we enter into HEAVEN! Said Paul, “Since our sinful flesh still exists in us, SIN frequently rules in our lives, thus we do things we “HATE!” (Rom 7:15-21). Now at the end of the age when we enter into “HEAVEN,” God is going to remove our “SINFUL FLESH” from our lives! Now regarding our WORK OF FAITH & LOVE, we must honor GOD and DO HIS WORK IN LIFE (Gal 5:6; 1 Thes 1:3; 2:13; 2 Thes 3: 10-11; 2 Tim 3:16-17; Heb 6:10). Said James the brother of Jesus’, “Faith with-out WORKS is dead and useless, because we as God’s people are not simply justified by FAITH… we must also be justified by WORKS!” (cf. James 2:20, 24, 26). Remember, GOD’S PEOPLE DON’T SIMPLY DO “NOTHING” WITH THEIR FAITH! Know since many people simply live for themselves in life, God will not accept them and place them in Heaven at the end of the age; thus we as believers must do all they can to LIVE FOR GOD IN LIFE! Now since we as God’s people must serve other people, we can’t simply live for ourselves in life! (Gal 2: 20; 5:6; Jam 2: 17, 18, 20, 26). Now keep in mind, GOD does things in our lives when we SEEK HIS WILL; thus we must constantly pray to God and seek His will in life, that He might minister to our hearts and minds. Remember, I constantly ask God to WASH me & CLEANSE me of my sins that He might work in my life. Keep in mind, God wants us to Love people… Encourage people… Care for people… Help people … Serve people… Pray for people… Embrace people… Work for people… and Be Kind to people… and do GOD’S WORK in life, because WORK is faithful obedience to God, and total dependence on “GOD AND HIS WILL.” Remember, God will not accept faith without “WORKS!” Thus the question is, will you obey GOD’S WILL IN LIFE, or simply embrace your own will in life? By the way, following is another issue I wrote:

Remember, Believers must embrace God’s Will in Life, because if they don’t, they will not enter into HEAVEN at the end of the age (Rom 12:2; Heb 10:36; 1 Pet 2:15; and I John 2:17). NOW READ WHAT “GOD” SAYS: Remember, “NONE OF US HAVE SEEN GOD IN LIFE!” & “NONE OF US HAVE HEARD GOD IN LIFE!” Never the less, every Believer must embrace “GOD’S WORD” in life… yet very few people spend a signi-ficant amount of time STUDYING HIS WORD, which is precisely what “GOD’S WORD” is about. Remember, the vast majority of Churches do not fully embrace GOD’S WORD yet that is what GOD ASKS OF HIS PEOPLE! Keep in mind, when you get into HEAVEN you are going to SEE GOD & HEAR GOD, yet until then you must “STUDY GOD’S WORD” and “OBEY GOD!” Now thou no human being fully understands “GOD’S WORD” or what it says, GOD EXPECTS US TO STUDY HIS WORD IN LIFE, which is why He has given it to us. Remember, I’m not writing all of this just to be funny…I’m writing this so that you can “WALK IN THE LIGHT WITH GOD… AND DO HIS WILL IN LIFE! Remember, you must “STUDY GOD’S WORD” and EMBRACE WHAT GOD’S WORD SAYS!


Remember, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of GOD who guides us into all TRUTH (John 16:13). Now since GOD has placed the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives, WE MUST PRAY TO GOD & SEEK HIS WILL IN LIFE! Remember, God’s Spirit tells us to EMBRACE the teaching of God’s Word with full assurance! Remember, God placed His Holy Spirit in us that He might be OUR HELPER IN THE WORLD & MINISTER TO US WITH GOD’S WORD (John 14:16, 17, 26; 15:26; 16:13; Rom 8:26). Remem-ber, the Holy Spirit is the one who convinces our hearts & minds of God’s Divine Truth and His Word, yet God’s people don’t fully interpret God’s Will and His Word. Said Dr. Robertson in the Book of John: “The Holy Spirit is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH who dwells in the lives of believers that He will guide them into all truth” (John 16:13). Beloved keep in mind, when we PRAY TO GOD and STUDY HIS WORD, GOD ministers His will to us… remember, without prayer and studying God’s Word, YOU WILL NOT FULLY KNOW WHAT GOD HAS TO SAY… remember, GOD doesn’t speak PHYSICALLY to us, He speaks to our hearts and minds by His Spirit and His Word. Remember, those who are led by the SPIRIT are the Sons of God (Rom 8:9, 14), and the HOLY SPIRIT bears witness with us that we are the Children of God; thus the “HOLY SPIRIT” is Peace, Love, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness, Faithfulness, & Self-control (Rom 8:16; Gal 5-22-23). Remember, the Holy Spirit is GOD living in the lives of BELIEVERS… thus the Spirit of God is at work in our lives… and Praying for God’s people… and Teaches us the words of Christ… and Tells us that God loves us (Rom 5:5; 8:26). Now though we as God’s people do not physically hear GOD, CHRIST, or the SPIRIT talk to us in life, they minister to us in our hearts and minds when we PRAY and STUDY GOD’S WORD, and Seek God’s Will, and Worship God. With that in mind, remember what God’s Word says to us, “All things you ask in Prayer, Believing, you shall Receive it!” (cf. Matt 21:22; John 11:22). Said Jesus’ brother JAMES, “If any of you lack wisdom, ask of God who gives to all men generously” (cf. Jam 1:5; 1 John 3:22; 5:14). Now since SATAN is a High Angelical Creature who existed long before God created the world, he became the antagon-ist of God and Humanbeings several years ago. Thus “SATAN” is the EVIL TEMPTER who caused the fall of ADAM & EVE whom GOD had placed in the world about 7,000 years ago, which was about 5,000 years before “JESUS CHRIST” entered into the world (Gen 3). Now at the end of the great tribulation “SATAN is going to be Bound by God for a thousand years!” (cf. Rev 20:1-2) and when he is placed back in the world again, he is going to lead people AGAINST GOD; Thus God is then going to cast Him into the “LAKE OF FIRE!” (Heb 20:7-10). Remember, SATAN is in continued conflict with GOD’S PEOPLE (Eph 6:11-18; 1 Cor 5:5; 1 John 5:16). Now since our SINFUL FLESH dwells in all of our lives, such was the work of “SATAN” in the lives of all people in this world; thus all of us as human beings became SATAN’S PEOPLE… thus every person in the world now possess “SINFUL FLESH” in their lives; as such, all believers are waring with their SINFUL NATURE. Thus we must do all we can to grow in the “HOLY SPIRIT and GOD’S GRACE.” Remember, JESUS said to PETER before He entered into Heaven, “PETER, I will ask My Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever” (Jn 14:16-17). Keep in mind, the “Holy Spirit” will be another Helper in our lives. Remember, “SATAN” is the DEVIL… the father of LIES… and the ACCUSER of Sinners.

The Significance of “GOD’S CHURCH” in the Lives of His People

Remember, this thing called the “CHURCH” initially referred to “The House of the LORD” in Ancient History, yet it now includes our Savior JESUS CHRIST and His People… remember, JESUS did not enter into our world until a little over “Two Thousand Years Ago!” Keep in mind the Churches back then were radically different then Christ’s Churches in our world today. Remember, the CHURCH has became the congrega-tion which GOD assembled with “HIS MESSIAH JESUS”… as such the Church is now “THE SPIRITUAL FAMILY OF GOD,” and the “HOLY SPIRIT” has God’s people WORSHIP CHRIST and keep His people in fellowship with the Lord. Keep in mind, God’s Churches bring “FAITH” to God’s people, and ministers to them that they might give thanks to GOD for HIS GRACE and WORK FOR GOD’S GLORY. Now when God’s people receive God’s Promises, God forgives our sins and gives us fellowship with Christ by His Spirit & His Word. Remem-ber, God’s people are to “WORSHIP GOD and SERVE GOD!” Yet the majority of Churches today do not fully EMBRACE GOD’S WORD & PREACH GOD’S WORD! With that in mind, this is precisely what occurred when “JESUS CHRIST” entered into the nation of ISRAEL “over two thousand years ago!” As such, Israel back then did not focus on “GOD’S WORD” in their ministry; instead they simply ministered what they wanted to minister, which had nothing to do with God’s will. Keep in mind, after numerous years they did not even know where the “BIBLE” was in Israel, because some Governors placed it somewhere in the ground of Jerusalem about a hundred years earlier & after Jesus entered into HEAVEN, HE DESTROYED ISRAEL! Now since most Churches do not Fully Embrace CHRIST in their ministry, THEY ARE NOT GOD’S PEOPLE! Remember, we cannot live the life we want to live and expect God to make us His people! Remember, God ’s Word says that either we embrace GOD’S WILL or we are NOT HIS PEOPLE! Now since many Churches differ in theology and deny several truths of the Christian Faith, many churches are perverted in their faith and possess false doctrines; remember, very few Churches last 100 YEARS, because they become SELF-centered rather than GOD-centered. Said the Book of Hebrews: “As God’s people we have confidence to enter God’s Church, because “JESUS” is a great high priest with full assur-ance of FAITH” (Heb 10:19-25). Remember, the Church is referred to as the Body of Christ!… the Family of God!… & the Elect of God!” Now due to the fact none of us are Great Saints, “SIN” often rules in our lives because our “SINFUL FLESH” still dwells within us, as well as the WORLD OF THE DEVIL! Therefore GOD’S PEOPLE MUST DO ALL THEY CAN TO FULLY EMBRACE GOD’S WILL IN LIFE and WALK IN THE LIGHT WITH GOD HERE ON EARTH!


Remember, when “SIN” rules in our lives, we must “CONFESS” our sins to God and seek His forgiveness; in spite of the fact that sin at times rules in peoples lives so much they have a very difficult time confessing their sins to God, which is not at all unusual for God’s people. Remem-ber, “CONFESSION” is acknowledging our sins to God when we sin in life. Now to those who don’t think “SIN” is a major issue in their lives, listen carefully to what the Apostle Paul had to say when “SIN” ruled in his life, “That which I am doing I do not understand, because I’m doing the very things I “HATE” to do” (Rom 7:14-15). Paul went on to say, “I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is in my “FLESH;” now though the wishing to do good is present in me, the doing of good is not; thus I often practice the very evil I do not wish to do; therefore “SIN” dwells in me!” (Rom 7:18-20). Now since SIN is often missing the mark of GOD’S WORD in life, many people oftentimes do not embrace GOD’S WORD, because they do not study His Word. Thus they simply live a life that is encouraging and acceptable to them; as such they often live a sinful life, because they do not embrace God’s Will in life. Now due to the fact that SIN is not fully understood by most people, according to God’s Word “SIN is not only an act of Wrongdoing, but a state of alienation from God.” Remember, “The Bible speaks of “SIN” as fall- ing short of the GLORY OF GOD” (Rom 3:23). Now regarding this thing called “SIN,” GOD is the One who RULES IN OUR LIVES! Remem-ber, GOD is the AUTHOR OF “EVERYTHING” IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!! Thus SIN is a lack of conforming to what GOD COM-MANDS OF HIS PEOPLE; as such Sin is a transgression of GOD’S LAW. Now since every human being was born as a child of the DEVIL (NOT OF GOD), all human beings have a “SINFUL FLESH” in their bodies; thus SIN often rules in peoples lives. Now as God’s people we must CONSTANTLY WAGE WAR AGAINIST OUR FLESH! Said Jesus’ friend JOHN: “Do not love the world, nor the things in the world; if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him! Remem-ber, “THIS WORLD” in which we live is the “THE DEVIL’S WORLD!” thus it is full of sin and godless issues; as such, as God’s people we must not live for this world! By the way, this world is far more sinful then it was just a few hundred years ago!!! Keep in mind, God is not going to remove our “SINFUL FLESH” from us until we get into “HEAVEN!” Remember as human beings we were born as children of the “DEVIL,” not of GOD, thus we all possess “Sinful Flesh” in our bodies… as such, we must constantly wage war against our Sinful Flesh!” Said John the friend of Jesus: “Do not love the WORLD, nor the things in the world, if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him!” (1 John 2:15). Thus the question is, “DO YOU DO GOD’S WILL IN LIFE?” “DO YOU EVEN TRY TO DO GOD’S WILL IN LIFE?” Now since God subjects His older people to “Negatives in life,” He does that that we might GROW OUR FAITH, and let GOD rule in our lives! How since all of us as God’s People “SIN IN LIFE,” we must often “CONFESS OUR SINS TO GOD,” which I often do in my life. Said Jesus’ friend John, “If we confess our sins, God is faithful and Just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness!” (1 John 1:9). Remember, God for-gives us by “GRACE,” which literally means “Undeserved Favor!” Now with that in mind, as God’s People we must be extremely grateful to GOD, because He not only chose us to be His people before creating the world… He DIED for us to forgive us!


Now when we GET “OLDER” IN LIFE, GOD “DISCIPLINES US” WITH “NEGATIVES” THAT WE MIGHT “GROW OUR FAITH,” AND BE THE PEOPLE GOD WANTS US TO BE! Remember, God does not discipline young people, because they still have a lot of growing up to do in life; thus they are not old enough to be disciplined and have great faith! Thus God simply lets them experience life with their family & friends & their Church… yet once they get older in life, GOD WILL THEN “DISCIPLINE THEM IN LIFE, THAT THEY MIGHT GROW THEIR FAITH!” Remember, “GROWING FAITH,” literally means BELIEVING & TRUSTING IN GOD, AND LOVING THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL, AND DESIRE TO FULLY EMBRACE IT IN LIFE! Keep in Mind, “SAVING FAITH” involves Believing the truth of the Gospel, and RELYING and DEPENDING on the Gospel. Remember, “SAVING FAITH” requires that we embrace the loving-kindness of “CHRIST,” and trust in Him as our SAVIOR and LORD.” It is also important to remember that CHRIST leads His people to “DO WORKS AND BE OBEDIENT IN LIFE;” said James, “FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD!” Now since “SIN” still exists in all believers lives because of their SINFUL FLESH, God’s People must CONSTANTLY REPENT OF THEIR SINS, because God’s Spirit convicts us of our sins. Remember, none of us are close to being perfect people in life, because “GOD” is leaving our “SINFUL FLESH” in our lives until we enter into HEAVEN! Thus we must do all we can to rule against our Sinful Flesh and live for GOD! Now the wonderful truth is this: GOD is going to remove our “FLESH” from our lives when we enter into HEAVEN! It is also important to remember that God often extends “GRACE” to us (that is “Unmerited Favor”) when we as His People confess our sins to God. NOW SINCE GOD DISCIPLINES US WHEN WE GET OLDER IN LIFE,” He does that to “GROW OUR FAITH” and not just let our FLESH rule in our lives! Remember, if God doesn’t DISCIPLINE us in life, we would never fully embrace God and His will, due to the fact that “Self-centeredness” would continue to rule in our lives. Now since GOD DISCIPLINES HIS PEOPLE, take the time and read what the book of Hebrews says in 12:1-11. Remember, DISCIPLINE occurs eight times in verses 5-11. Now since Discipline is not joyful, it ultimately yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness (Heb 12:11). Now with that in mind, take the time and read the following 5 verses in Hebrews 12: Says Verse 4, “We are to strive against sin, which we have not completely done!”… Says Verse 5, “Nothing happens by chance to God’s people; therefore God subjects us to Discipline in life, that we might grow our faith in Christ” … Says Verse 8, “Now if you are without Discipline in life, you are not one of God ’s people”… Says Verse 10, “God Disciplines us for our good that we may be partakers of His Holiness”… Says Verse 11 “Now sense Discipline is often painful in life, it ultimately yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness.” Now as God’s people we must spend a lot of time “PRAYING and SEEKING GOD’S WILL IN LIFE, not our will!” Thus as God’s people we must live with NEGATIVES in our lives for a few years so that we might then GROW IN THE GRACE AND KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST! Now as God’s People, you must em-brace GOD’S WORD SEVERAL TIMES to be the person God wants you to be! Remember, if you do not embrace what Jesus said, you will make happiness and joyfulness the most important things in your life, which will not make you the person God wants you to be! Remember, righteous People “LIVE BY FAITH” (Rom 1:17; Gal 3:11; Heb 10:38) and trust in “CHRIST” and have a very good relationship with “GOD.” Remember, FAITH IN GOD IN THE BIBLE is Believing, Knowing, Obeying, and Trusting God, and relying on GOD’S PROMISES!


Remember, “JESUS” is our Lord … our Savior… our Redeemer… and our Salvation, which is referred to as a redemption from Sin and a GIFT OF GOD. Remember, it was our “FAITH” that resulted in our Salvation & our love for the GOSPEL and our desire to LIVE GOD’S LIFE IN THE WORLD! Remember, the Gospel of CHRIST is com-plete deliverance from sin, because CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS! (John 3:16; 11:25; Rom 5:8; 5:10; 1 Cor 15:3; 1 Pet 3:18). Now since human beings can’t save themselves, JESUS is our SAVIOR, LORD and SALVATION, because God had Him “DIE ON THE CROSS FOR US” and forgive us of our sins (2 Cor 5:18-21). Now though God made our salvation, none of us
merited I, and at the end of the age God is going to place us in HEAVEN! Remember, “FAITH” INVOLVES OBEDIENCE TO GOD… thus we must embrace FAITH & WALK IN THE LIGHT WITH GOD AND OBEY GOD! Beloved keep in mind, EVERY WORD OF GOD IS FLA-LESS AND PURE; i.e., it is exactly what it SAYS! Thus as believers we must FULLY EMBRACE GOD’S WORD IN LIFE, AND NOT IGNORE WHAT IT SAYS!!! Keep in mind, many of the Great Saints in the Bible fully embraced GOD’S WORD!!! (READ Psalm 12:6; 19:8; 119:140). Remember, God’s People are not to ignore what GOD’S WORD SAYS!!! Remember, LIVING FAITH PRODUCES “GOOD WORKS” IN LIFE & FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS “DEAD!” (Jam 2:17, 20, 26). Remember, when people believe in the Lord, it results in A CHANGED LIFE! NOW SINCE WE HAVE SAVING FAITH, WE WILL NEVER LOSE IT! (1 Jn 2:19-29); furthermore, since we have been redeemed from sin, our “FAITH” is a gift of God! not of works! that we should boast” (Eph 2:8-9). Remember, Christ was born to SAVE US FROM OUR SINS BY HIS DEATH (Matt 1:21; Luke 1:71, 77; John 3:16). Now when sin rules in our lives, we must REPENT OF OUR SINS AND ASK GOD FOR THE “GRACE” TO BE FORGIVEN, that we might WALK IN THE LIGHT WITH GOD AGAIN! Now keep in mind, Faith is Knowing, Believing and Obeying what “GOD” says. Now when DEATH enters into our lives as God’s people, it is important to remember that we will be placed in “HEAVEN!” and Godless People will be thrown into the “LAKE OF FIRE!” (Rev 20:14-15; 19:20). Remember, “HELL” is a place of “outer darkness… weeping… fire… and eternal separation from God!” Remember, OUR BODY & OUR SINFUL FLESH will be removed from our lives forever when we enter into “HEAVEN!” Remember, as God’s people we must seek the assurance of our salvation (2 Pet 1:10), and not let “SATAN” cause us to question our Salvation… remember we seek our assurance from “GOD’S WORD”… and the “HOLY SPIRIT” bears witness to us that we are His People! Now as
God’s people we all “SEEK GOD’S GRACE IN LIFE,” because God gives “Unmerited Favor” to us when we HUMBLE ourselves before Him. Said JAMES the brother of Jesus, “God is opposed to the PROUD, but gives GRACE to the HUMBLE… thus God gives “Unmerited Favor” to His people when they humble themselves before God ” (Jam 4:6; 1 Pet 5:5). Now in closing READ THIS STUDY SEVERAL TIMES because that is what believers must do when GOD MINISTERS “HIS WORD” TO HIS PEOPLE… THUS WE MUST FULLY EMBRACE GOD’S WORD AND STUDY “GOD’S PEOPLE!” Now in closing take the time and read the following “HYMNS” with GOD in mind:


What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our Sins & griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry, everything to God in Prayer.
O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry everything to God in Prayer.


Have we Trials & Temptations? Is there Trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged, take it to the Lord in Prayer.
Can we find a Friend so Faithful who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness, take it to the Lord in Prayer.


Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see.
Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear & grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed.

Praying God’s Best for You My Beloved,
Your Friend in Christ, Dr. Donald Ekstrand