Table of Contents

This explains the purpose of the book—very enlightening.

1. SPIRITUAL DEPRESSION by Martyn Lloyd-Jones 1
Lloyd-Jones was former pastor of Westminster Chapel in London;
he died in 1981. He was known as the “greatest Bible expositor in the
English-speaking world in the twentieth century.”

2. A SCANDALOUS FREEDOM by Steve Brown 31
Brown is a very popular Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary
in Orlando. He is one of the most transparent theologians in America!
He tells it like it is!

3. HOLINESS by John Charles Ryle 55
Ryle wrote this book to counter some fashionable but dangerous teachings
about sanctification in the 1800s—he was a great student of the Puritans.

4. THE BRUISED REED by Richard Sibbes 75
Th is is one of the most comforting books I have ever read as a believer. The
“Heavenly Doctor Sibbes” brings the reader right into the presence of God.

5. FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD by Martyn Lloyd-Jones 89
Th is subject desperately needs a “clear voice,” and that is precisely what
Lloyd-Jones gives us—no more wallowing in uncertainty! A must read!

6. GLORIOUS FREEDOM by Richard Sibbes 113
Sibbes was one of the most influential figures of the Puritan movement
in the 1600s. His writings spoke to the heart; he was Charles Spurgeon’s
favorite author.

7. LET NOT YOUR HEART BE TROUBLED by Martyn Lloyd-Jones 129
Lloyd-Jones was the pastor at Westminster Chapel in London for thirty
years. His books have brought profound spiritual encouragement to
millions worldwide.

8. SOUL-DEPTHS AND SOUL-HEIGHTS by Octavius Winslow 139
Winslow spoke at the opening of “Spurgeon’s Tabernacle” in London in
1861. He was a brilliant scholar with a great heart and love for people—
that is rare!

9. THE SOUL’S CONFLICT by Richard Sibbes 153
Sibbes was known as “The Heavenly Doctor Sibbes” because of his
loving heart. His books speak directly to the believer’s soul—very
powerful teaching.

10. THE DISCIPLINE OF GRACE by Jerry Bridges 181
Bridges has been on staff with “The Navigators Collegiate Ministry”
since 1955. He’s a disciplined student of the Word, and one of my
favorite seminary professors.

11. HOLINESS BY GRACE by Bryan Chapell 195
Chapell is president of Covenant Theological Seminary and nationwide
lecturer; he is a favorite writer of J. I. Packer, Steve Brown, and Jerry

12. ENJOYING THE PRESENCE OF GOD by Martyn Lloyd-Jones 207
Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones is one of the “ best Christian authors” of the
20th century. His books challenge, inspire, and motivate believers
in their “walk with God.”

13. ALL THINGS FOR GOOD by Thomas Watson 223
Watson was one of the Church’s great leaders of the Puritan era in
England. His writings have encouraged believers around the world
for more than 300 years.

14. WHEN YOUR WORLD FALLS APART by David Jeremiah 241
Jeremiah has a national daily Christian radio program called “Turning
Point.” His near death experience has given him a wonderful heart from
which to teach.

15. SHATTERED DREAMS by Larry Crabb 275
This well-known psychologist and Bible teacher is founder of
“New Way Ministries.” Through brokenness God has used Crabb
to share the significance of “suffering.”

16. TRUE FACED by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch 305
These three gentlemen are co-leaders of the organization “Leadership
Catalyst.” Their teaching on the issues of “pleasing God” vs. “trusting
God” is profound.

17. THE NEW NATURE by Renald Showers 329
Showers serves on the faculty of several Bible Colleges and is a renowned
writer. He clearly articulates what the Bible teaches about the subject of

18. WALKING BY THE SPIRIT by Donald Ekstrand 357
The ministry of the Holy Spirit is another area in which the Christian
community is suffering terribly from a lack of good teaching—why the
confusion? Study this!

19. TRUE SPIRITUALITY by Francis Schaeffer 383
Schaeffer was America’s pre-eminent Christian philosopher in the
twentieth-century. He founded the international ministry called
“L’Abri Fellowship” in the Swiss Alps.

20. SLAVE by John MacArthur 423
MacArthur is president of “The Master’s College and Seminary” in
California. His books and radio ministry have impacted millions of
lives all around the world.

21. CHRISTLIKE by Bill Hull 439
Hull is one of America’s foremost authors on the subject of Christian
discipleship. He was the U.S. director for the Evangelical Free Church
of America, and founder of “Choose the Life Ministries.”

22. SIN & MAN’S ETERNAL PURPOSE by Donald Ekstrand 465
Temptation and Sin are monumental issues in every believer’s life; yet,
here again, we find a dearth of good teaching on these subjects in our
churches. This is a tremendously enlightening and liberating study!