The Transformed Soul

Nearly fifty years ago, when I was in my late twenties, God began a life-changing  work in      my heart that has continued unabated to this day.  There have been thrilling highs and frustrating lows… times of joyful ministry and times of disquieting solitude… seasons of light and seasons of darkness… yet through it all God kept on doing that marvelous work      of grace in my soul.  Like many of you I did not anticipate the troubling times, nor did I welcome them; but after having experienced them, I now see God more clearly… embrace Him more passionately… and understand His ways more completely.  Little did I realize that it is only by experiencing the spiritual ups and downs of life that God is able to fully awaken us to the reality of our inward condition and conform us to the image of His Son.  God’s work in my life brought me to the point where I became obsessed with the transformational issues of the soul, and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s heart.  This resulted in a five year study (the last two of which were fulltime) in researching and writing  a book called “SOUL TRANSFORMATION.”

This book describes the “transformational experiences” the believer goes through in this        life – they include thrilling highs and bewildering lows… joyful mountaintops and painful valleys… glorious victories and humiliating defeats — by the way, such experiences are the “norm” for every believer;  none of us get an exemption.  The material presented in the book is not that of radical spiritualista, rather, it is the teachings of some of the most respected Christian theologians since the reformation – individuals the evangelical community has long recognized as being “pillars of the faith.”  The Bible describes God as being both loving and holy, yet western Christianity primarily focuses on God’s love, and says almost nothing about His holiness.  As such, the central message of most churches is one of love and for-giveness, with scarcely a word being said about holiness and death to sin and self.  For some reason, to our lamentable regret, these teachings no longer have a prominent place in western Christianity… and Satan couldn’t be happier, because it essentially leaves believers joyless, lukewarm, impotent and ineffectual. Over the past few years I have shared my heart and discussed these and countless other issues with a number of Christian pastors, theolo-gians, authors and seminary professors from around the country — and we all agree — believers today need to reconsider the fullness of God’s call upon their lives.

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